Our Body Massages

Healing massage

This kind of massage is done to heal and ordered by a doctor. It is based on Swedish massage so it belongs to the European line. It focuses on those parts of the body which does not operate properly. The duration of the treatment depends on the quantity and intensity of complaint.

Healing massage beside easing the complaints increases blood circulation and metabolism, relaxes the muscles, increases the efficiency and has a positive influence on immune system. Its painkilling effect is doubled. Primarily by influence made on the terminal nerves it blocks the painful stimuli in order not to reach the brain it means it decreases pain like pain killer tablets.
Moreover it forces the brain to produce endorphin by mechanical impact, which also decreases pain in the body.

It is also well-known that healing massage has a tranquillizing effect since relaxing the muscles reduces stress. It is useful in cases of circulatory troubles, problems of metabolism and digestion. Since it is very effective to reduce stress so it is good for headache and sleeping problems derived from stress. It can be applied for muscle cramps, complaints because of strains, and for painful shoulder, neck and back.

It is helpful for all orthopedic problems caused by bad posture. It is useful for those who are overloaded either physically or mentally for longer period of time.

Place of the treatments: Vitality house (3412 Bogács Dózsa György utca 4.)
Duration of the treatment: 50 minutes
Registration is necessary in advance!

Swedish massage with aromatic oils

It is a mixture of eastern and western techniques. In every cases we use such aromatic oil which is proper for the actual state of our guest, so relaxing or refreshing massage can be requested. Aromatherapy has a complicated effect on the body. Aromatic oils influence not only the skin but the senses, as well. Especially it is useful to reduce pain.
But we offer slimming, skin filling, codling massage among many others.

Effect: Aromatic oils are absorbed through the skin very easily, crosses the layers of the skin very fast then they reach bloodstream and different organs with the help of bloodstream. When they are breathed in they cause mental and emotional reactions so they are able to reduce distress and treat other mental problems.
Aromatherapy combined with massage is the most effective in treatments of such cases.

With the help of massage aromatic oils reach bloodstream much faster and increases their effect.

Aromatherapic sole massage

We use calendula and almond oil to massage the sole with systematic alternating techniques. All the organs of the body are connected to different areas of the sole. The connections are formed by energy channels which can be stimulated or relaxed on the sole. Areas on the sole are among disposal ground of roughage in the body, from their changes we can conclude the dysfunction of the organ that is connected to the given area. The changes can be touched as a node, harder or softer zones or it can be painful too.

Effect: It can modify the self-healing mechanism of the body, all the organs can be stimulated positively in order to strengthen the immune system. It helps to get rid of roughage and poison. It is recommended in cases of digestion disorders, reuma, skin problems, complaints of respiratory system.

Massage with warm lava stones

Healing capacity of hot stones have been known in the ancient times. Nowadays the modern massage with lave stones is based on the same principles. Instead of massaging with hands it is carried out with flat and smooth volcanic stones which are taken on the different acupressure points of the body after heated up. The whole body is massaged with them or they are pushed carefully into the muscles or slipped alongside the muscles.

Both the stones and the massaged body part is oiled with special oils. If aromatic oil is added aromatherapic effect can also be achieved beside the good effect of the massage and lava stones.

Effect: It is good for both the body and the soul. It has positive influence beside muscles on kidneys, metabolism and lymph flow. It provides all good results on vital functions as all other kind of massage but warm stones boost these results. It makes you relaxed, allows you to rest, free you from everyday stress and improve your general condition.

Chocolate massage

Cocoa butter is used by cosmetics industry for a long time because products containing cocoa butter can clean the skin and keep it in good condition.

The treatment which has pleasant smell as well decomposes fat and helps to produce endorphin (happiness hormone). Cleopatra bathed in milk and we can afford ourselves to bath in chocolate.
Our chocolate massage is the most endorphin producer among our treatments. And it has the greatest influence on the soul. Perfect immersion in physical and mental well-being.

Effect: It is good for both body and soul. Products including cocoa butter cleans, takes care and protect the skin. Owing to more than 800 molecules chocolate can hydrate and refresh the skin, and its dissolved minerals soften and revitalize the skin.

Lymphatic massage machine

Lymphatic massage is the most effective way to give better form to the body and to fight against cellulite. On the other hand it is the softest and most effective massage which is rooted in ancient traditional Thai, Polinez and shaman massages. Massage is done in the direction of lymph flow that is opposed to the usual healing massage.

Effect: The aim of the lymphatic massage is to remove water and toxins accumulated in the tissues because of disorder of lymphatic system.

It removes the tumefactions and boost the power of resistance of the body.
This massage reduces lymphoedema and improves the metabolic process of the cells.
During lymphatic massage we use smoothing, pumping motions to empty the lymphatic system to fasten stagnant lymph to leave.

This treatment improves general condition, activates immune system, relaxes stress, reduce inflammation and tranquillizes the patient.

Anti-cellulite massage and rolling up

It is recommended for everybody who wants to avoid cellulite or remove it.
The earlier we start to do something against it the faster and easier is to get rid of it. Only one treatment can improve the tautness of the skin. An overweight person can notice changes immediately.

Effect: It is recommended to boost micro-circulation, to detoxicate and help to lose water. This aromatherapic type of massage should be applied as a cura to achieve the required result.

Relaxing face and decollete massage

It is a complementary treatment for the sake of the most complete relaxation, well-being. Luxury cream with vegetable native cell is used to carry out this massage. It removes wrinkles and makes the skin smoother and tenser. Simply it makes you more beautiful!

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